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October 05, 2010


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He looks like a Doofus! Always love your photos. Regardless of how silly some of these people look. Got to say they chutzpah.

I take most my sartorial cues from Matt- just saying.

Is this dude serious? It ain't Halloween yet, yo!

I love MSJ. always lookin' goooood and classic. too bad you don't have any close ups of his watch...

I am fine with it until you get to the rolled jeans. Just so faddy in NYC right now. Was visiting a few weeks and the only thing that stood out more was French sailor shirts. Not a fad fan.

Since you're a tourist, Charlotte K, I'll let your lapse in judgement slide. In fact, you are correct, the "rolled jean" is to 2010 what the "cuffed jean" was to 2005. But this lad seems to be un-fadded in his implementation here. It creates a nice break - and adds a little bit of interesting proportion to the kit.

This is the mort i love.

i think it would be better rolled down too. gotta get me one of those shirts though


Former resident!

Happy visitor, more like it.

I don't like seeing the same "idea" over and over again. Especially in NYC where we provincials go to get our ideas ;-P

His style smacks of vintage Michael Stipe, circa Monster. I used to want to dress exactly like this back in the day: http://images.wolfgangsvault.com/images/catalog/detail/RS607-RS.jpg

this is really a brooks shirt ,it looks morelike an '80ties arrow.
..theres no roll in the button down collar i mean.
also the boat shoes i would lace parallel,.. like then.

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