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October 06, 2010


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He always kills it/gets it right. Hats off...

anyone who finds fault with this man's attired is just nit-picking. this is just right.

my favorite in awhile. you know a good look when the middle jacket button is resting over the trouser enclosure so you can't see the shirt, we may have even talked about this...??

The cut and cuff of his trousers are great. Not crazy about the button stance on the jacket, makes the jacket look too long. Good look though, real classy, in the best sense.

phenomenal- our hero. Like a Shliach for your religion. I am uplifted.


Perfect look for a man of his age. Very rare these days.


Liking the deep cuffs and the "normal" rise of the trousers...but dare I say the shirt collar looks a bit wonky...

The pointed collar is a rather large for this type of bowtie species. Personally i dont like such a large gap between the lapel and the collar. The button stance is definitely off- the first button should not hit the waist. In addition the coat is on the longer side but that can be a preference. Otherwise its a nice clean look.

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This guy is the bomb!

Bow tie on a botton down collar...? I don't think so.

perfect outfit

The collar may be a bit too large for the bow tie, but the button-down is the right collar, along with a long point...it is classic Brooks Brothers. What is wrong is a bow tie worn with a spread collar...the points should be closer together to properly "present" the bow tie.

It's like seeing Fred Astaire come alive! He dresses impeccable.

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