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November 12, 2010


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OK. I just have to say, I love your stuff! I've gone through about 20 pages now and can't stop. Well, I have now to come back here and comment. This gentleman looks like a past neighbour of mine, though waaaay more stylish. I wish I had the confidence to photograph people like you do. I wasted a whole photography day up in the city today being too shy. Anyway, Hi from Western Australia, Mister Mort.


Yep, a Greek Fisherman's hat, is always stylin!

With intrinsic style like that, I'd say that this was Mr. Mort Sr. if I didn't know any better!

Pete Seeger!

hartmann luggage

thnak you Stephen for pointing out the Hartman luggage!

he's beyond cool! i have totally seen him before on the streets and was blown away by his "look".


Da dude's got a carhart shirt, an old one. I got one just like it.
You go Mort!

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