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December 08, 2010


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Actually, that's a covert coat not a Chesterfield.

The colours are, I am fairly certain, those of Eton.

Where is the apostrophe in "lads"? The hat is a dreadful affectation. The Chesterfield coat is fabulous, not something seen on very many men of any age here.

you want everything pretty and perfect.. I might be published soon, if that happens, ill be sure to have every word spellchecked. The hat is perfect. what are you wearing on your dome?
whats sgpc?
thanks for visiting!

I have,over time,come to appreciate a look that is well thought out,yet not studied....perfection in dress is still playing it safe,I prefer ,dare I say it-a hint of sprezzatura....

"Most young dudes in this country have no idea how to wear such simple items like a tennis, cricket, rugby or whatever you call it staple sweater with a polo shirt under and a chesterfield overcoat!"

.....and neither does he.

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