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December 29, 2010


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theres Bitchslap for the new year! as alwasy mr mort is ahead of the curve. and truly an inspiration... DinTX

I agree, but whole-heartedly, who gives a shit?
I wear and buy clothes on a strictly pragmatic basis.
And boots, work-wear and things that are made in the USA
tend to last longer. So I applaud people who invest in
good products that last a lifetime!

Change "insurgentce" to "resurgence"

I love mistermort!!!

I love year-end lists, but I want to be the eternal optimist who finds encouragement in the new year rather than the backwards looking critic. Best wishes in the New Year to this blog that discusses how fashion is no different from anything else in our visual culture.

I would like to applaud this post and thank MR.Mort for the inspiration..and I hope the people who simply were just personally reminded how wack they are will reach for higher standards in the year 2011.

Oh yeah and to all you new so called"Pickers"stop showing up at the thrift store looking like you sleep in the back on top of the bails..have some damn self respect about yourself!...and PLEASE stop bringing your"Chic"her Ed Hardy shades are annoying...and if you two dont slow the fuck down your gonna knock someones sweet little granny over!,clothes will never run out in America trust me there is enough for everybody and the true art of Picking is not finding anything...the stuff starts to find you if your loyal and dedicated enough.

this article is important and interessing and, it's long overdue.
meanwhile i hate those agitaded spectacles of fashion blogs.
your's is likable relaxed.

Fuck yeah, menswear.

those chaps at fuck yeah menswear are the worst, why do those rants sound like such a desperate cry for attention? It really does lack class n tact to itemise the labels of your entire kit, especially when there isn't a beat behind it, and your kit is beat n behind the proverbial "it"...please stop crying about the prep school flossing flossy, the Ryan Gosling posse, on some primate shit like Dian Fossey, Who's really the boss b? fuck yeah menswear? don't make me shit myself, because depends tear, and i gotta few friends that swear, that this meatball should grow a pair, add another affix such as izzy or issy and your still just a sissy, fuck yeah menswear? the only shine's off the lens flare, you just can't compare, shit that shapes up like Voltron, when you're just a care bear.

I'm afraid your point is lost on some. The pissing contest for cool is tiresome and also not new. Nothing is new. And yes it's easier to look cool than to be cool. I'd prefer to think I'm above it but im guilty too. Thanks for the provocative post."Make the boots you have right" Perfect. Happy New Year Mister Mort (& guests)

The reason people are annoyed with this Bitchslap is because it strikes a cord in them that they are as shallow as the threads on their ass.
Things that are an inspiration to me are not material items that feed your ego.
Now if the person is truly designing creating for the simple fact of being an artist there is a sincere appreciation for that art.
The man should make the clothes.
Indulge yourself in that $500.00 hat for your 10 cent head!

there's a culture outside the one in my head?
I'm actually blue-collar, a small business owner and a blogger and in my spare time, I make things...and I sell them too. A multi-decade vintage dealer, I have always sought out that which is worthy of passing on, as a way of educating people to stop buying fake food, fake entertainment, and fake garbage in general. MisterMort is a clear joy because it focuses the lens on the art and not the artifice.....that is in too great a supply.

Thank you for posting this

Well said

Let me meet this Lex person.

great read

Where is Lex Neville?

bring back Lex!!

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