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February 02, 2011


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Shit is funky. Nice glasses too.

across the pond fly, wonder what's in that bag?

Now that's a GTH look if I've ever seen one. A true older gentlemen comfortable in his own skin.

one of my favorites. this dude is straight up not giving a fuk.

That duffle is the truth. Nice grab Mort.

thank you. I love how fuzzy nubby the wool has gotten over the years. I alos like how i dint stop and ask etc but rather shot from the hip on the fly. thats more like tommy tons style which i very much enjoy looking at. anyone know what that book is in his pocket?

It appears to be a bag from Rasputin Music. Could be a book or some tunes.

pretty sure its a bag from http://www.rasputinmusic.com/

great shot.

oops. i didnt realize it was a bag. it looked like a book cover...
Thank You

thank you, i know its blurry but with some guys you gotta just get em while you can. Many elder folks wont stop for lil old me sometimes... other times theyll just yapp and yapp...

Ummmmm.... no comment

Love it.
I'd wear that, and I'm a dame.

so good

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