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February 16, 2011


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Let me say first off, Casey does look cool in this shot. But Jeggings? I mean he's probably one of the few dudes out there who can actually pull off this off without either looking like a sausage or a chic or just plain silly, but I'm kinda shocked to see you shooting dudes in pants this tight. You tend to be quite outspoken against the skinny stuff.

sorry, dude looks like crap. that ex-girlfriend look is wack. leave design to real designers.

1. I'm here to shock the socks off ya.
2. I'm here to document what men of the world are wearing. I don't always put my kosher stamp on the stuff I post, but I do think Casey pulls off a skinny rather well.
Thanks for the comment,

He looks constipated. It's probably the jeans.

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