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February 18, 2011


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Hell yes. Ricky rules and carrying a radio wins.

The Rickster!

love this! mordechai, man on the street...

He gets points for the transistor. Double points for a pic with Broadway Joe. But, blue shoes that are not suede, I don't know?

ALways reppin' Kutsher's hahaha.

ah, yeolegeneral, you lose points for not spottin the suede on those, erm, suede vintage Blazers

what is so cool about taking a picture 30 years ago? hmmm photography is not art!

why are you even here?

uhhhh, yeah....straight up -- they are suede, old-school Blazers, like the ones Tony Alva used to rock and that Larry Bird-era Celtics sported.

Mordechai....The next generation of 'great' street photographers...you represent correctly...I def got a kick out of some of these comments...Yes, they are (hi-top) Blazers..good call, those were my sneaks in the late 70's...and James..yer a fuck'n scrub..go back to shmucksville, yer worthless... My peoples'..Lov ya.....Light Up..and hit up Franklin Green on fb, she'll let you know where you can get the new RP frank Book...(complimentary)..Pace! RickyP.

Word Up Ricky!

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