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February 25, 2011


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I don't understand the interwebs fascination with this guy ..
1.That green coat looks like Spiewalk from 1994 - not to mention its very ill fitting.
2. I can't allow myself to respect any man who wears thom browne length trousers or thom browne period. That whole look is a joke.
3. The boots in the second look, look like something you would get at john varvatos or perhaps dsquared.(not good)
4. Skinny tie (no, thanks)
5. Applause for the trousers actually touching his boots which (see #3)
6. Hat looks like it was borrowed from his grandma.

VICTIM of yesterdays trends, say what you please.

I'm guessing that this blokey does not have a woman in his life to tell him no.

Any idea what the sunglasses are in the first look?

I think he looks great. All of this is subjective.
The boots are vintage. The Parka is oversized
and the trouser length works with that look.
The hat looks good. Hats are not easy to pull off. Even the THOM Cardigan
is good. The best thing about his style is his
confidence. And no, I'm certain he doesn't have a lady
to ok the fit of his Parka. the Dude is cool.

Ted, I concur. That parka is pretty great. And as a not so tall guy myself, I like the proportion. Alot. I love an oversized parka with a too short trouser. or trouser tailored to a shorter length.This isnt a shot at Nick but I have to add that Im not a fan of TB when he puts the grosgrain ribbon on things. (many TB knits are too precious looking (buttons on the sleeves etc.) A man that pulls these looks off with such confidence is always cool. Lastly, Nick is a gentleman. I like gentlemen.

'Ted' and 'Me' make important and valid points; I could never love the cut of his trousers, but this fellow Wooster is certainly good with colours. Is he by any chance a fan of the second best writer of English comic prose of the twentieth century, P G Wodehouse, Raymond Chandler's fellow alumnus of Dulwich College? Sam Spade would not have walked his mean streets so attired.


I think the fact that he wears thom browne says enough for me... sorry that shit is just pathetic and i feel sorry for people who fall for that.

On another note the parka and sunglasses are alright.

First pic looks like a Clown Suit.

Re: KJH Agreed. This guy looks like he works at the circus.

yeah but, at least hes not wearing a redbull canpack.

The good: his choice of eyewear, his haircut, and his beard.

The bad: everything else.

It looks like fashion threw up on this guy.

Sidenote: the boots in the first picture are killer. Too bad he decided to wear them with those ridiculous pants.

How are the pants rediculous? thyre cut short with a huge cuff. its different. i dont know if theyre TB or not but I like that I don't know. I like people that do things a bit different than your average guy.

While I could never rock the shorter than short pant- this bloke pulls it off. Only thing that bothers me: if you wear an oxford, button it down. It just gets me when its unbuttoned, especially with a tie. I presume it was on purpose and so be it for him, far be it for me.

Haters be hatin'. Cant help but think if this guy was just the average schmo, and not a Fashion Director, he would be applauded for being daring.
And the Thom hate. Another dude who came to the table with a a point of view that he sticks to. There is room in this world for more than one idea. Especially with dress.

What a duck. Applauded for being 'daring' ? whats with you kids these days ... (laughs)

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