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February 28, 2011


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Save the chambray shirt and corduroy wallabees, the rest of this outfit is shit.

The thriftstore overcoat is WAY too big. I mean, at BEST this gent is a size 38L. This jacket looks like it is a size 48. Clothes should be fitted and hug the body closely, right?

I like the wash on the denim but the fact that they are his mother's or gf's is inexcusable. If you want a skinny jean there are plenty of other options (i.e., Levi's 511 or 510, APC New Cure, Nudie Grim Tim, blah blah blah).

Fucking hipsters.

I am not crazy about the brown ble brown blue combo. I like to always throw in a third color when I dress myself. A green or red would look great in a scarf or bag. I'd wear a white or gray button down shirt with the jeans.

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