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April 26, 2011


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thats great

I have this Volvo...1800es if anybody wants one...and its the same color orange!!!,I sold my brown 1800 6 months ago.

Beautiful! Would love to own one of these, but what a nightmare to pay for maintenance or repairs.

LOVE that car, and the tag.

ohmygod - that car is beautiful! i want that car!

Oh my!!

Hmmm...Mr. Dixon - (is that like Mr. Darcy?)
How much for the volvo??? You in the Bay Area?
On Craig's list, peut-ĂȘtre?

We had this Volvo for years and loved it! Here it's named "Schneewittchensarg" which means the coffin of snow-white (because of the big back window).

I saw this car on the Bay Bridge a few weeks ago and came back here.. and yup thats it. The owner/driver looked like school teacher from the same era this car was from.. she had a wide grin in response to my thumbs up. She's cool and she knew it.

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