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May 18, 2011


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Wow, great memories !!!

Have a super week.

Wow O_O I've never seen this car before but I know a couple of people that would go to WAR for it! hahaha seriously....


Hi Mister Mort,

"Old blue car"! That's a Citroen 2 CV. The hippie dream car of the 70's.
Reliable, affordable and fun to drive. You can open the whole roof. Will take you through the Sahara if necessary.

greetings from old Europe

I was always told that the Ciroën 'Deux Chevaux' –two horses– is illegal to drive on US roads due to its flimsy build and simple engine/exhaust system.
It must be different in California. (Of course!)

These 'ugly ducklings' –or just 'Ducks'–, as they are called in Dutch are soooo cool and such a joy to drive however, and they are a great accessory to almost any 'vintage' dress style, although it was originally designed as a multi-purpose farmer's car.

It has a very er... smooth ride, and you should hear the sound of it!
(After you managed to start it with the manual crank...)


A Deux Chevaux is not just an old blue car. ;-)

"old blue car?!?!" Puh-leeze! This is a Citroen Deux-Chevaux: (ie.'two horses'), it had a two-cylinder engine which produced two 'taxable' horsepower, which was a European system for determining licensing fees for automobiles after WWII. Produced from 1948-90, with relatively little changes over the run, it's a classic french car; an icon really. Mr Mort sure would look snappy motoring about the town in one of these pups; de riguer, bien sur!

That 2CV is gorgeous!! If there is one car that they should bring back it´s this one.Citroen can you hear me?

@ Steven Tatar

De rigeur bien sûr en effet!

(Is the a delay in publishing replies? Ive noticed before that people are posting similar info, (which makes all of us look stupid, as if repeting eachoter.)

Forget it: great blog, super snaps: lovverly!


"A Deux Chevaux is not just an old blue car."

You are a poet and I know it!

Wow -- I really like this shade of blue.

the most charming car ever.
a friend of mine had a red one. she couldn't always prevent little damages at the car's paintwork.
she used nail polish to repair it, so her husband couldn't notice...

It's a very cool car. Here in Portugal we had tons of them. They were very cheap to buy and to run.
A friend of mine Father's had a convertible one and he would never close the top. If it ever rained he would open the doors, let the water out, put the key in the ignition and off he went!.. It would always start...!!!!!!...

I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the Deux Chevaux.
According to legend, my parents apparently decided to purchase a Deux Chevaux for a short drive on their trip through Europe in the early 70's because, as it turned out, the cost of purchasing a used-but-working Deux Chevaux and then hopefully reselling it after a single segment of the trip seemed more reasonable then renting a car. It was the archetypal lemon down to the wooden dipstick used to check the gas level. There was a saying that went something like: The Deux Chevaux always leads the pack -- But that's because there's a line of cars stuck behind it trying to get passed!

I suppose the absurdity of that story combined with the odd allure of that charming car is why I'd still like to own one of those today.

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