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June 18, 2011


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gelato colors! more italiano, please. xo

like the photo you made of me ...
im the man with the grey beard and the birkenstock ;-)

gelato colors! more italiano, please.

Great set of shots! Really made me wish I were there!

The older gentleman in the suit, his name is Beppe Modenese.


great pictures.
I'm sure i saw this hawaiian print short somewhere before. anybody knows the brand it may be ?

I love your pictures and please keep them coming but I must point out a wee error you let in about the Ponte Vecchio. It is not the oldest bridge in Europe nor even Italy but it is certainly the oldest of Florence's six bridges having been built in 1345 - still a mere chicken in European architectural terms. The oldest in Italy is the Pons Fabricius in Rome which was built in 62BC replacing an earlier wooden structure while the oldest in Europe can be found in Greece on the Peloponnese. The Arkadiko bridge, along with three others in the immediate vicinity, all date from the Greek Bronze Age (1300 - 1190BC).

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