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June 18, 2011


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The unnamed gentleman you refer to is Beppe Modenese.

all very nice!

The chick all in purple looks like Oscar Wilde.
No,not meant as an insult.

So much gold in that installment, but I am partial to the Dad with his boys. Find myself again wishing it was I cycling in a suit through Europe with my kids surrounding me.

sorry mort - woost is wurst - no good...

dood w/ beard, flannel and walmart vans is killin it about 1000X more than that. thats what i'm talking about. thanks mort!

Oh my, you do have a beautiful set! Top marks for the Vintage classy clothes you found in Milan. Desired fashion is "The Favorite man in Milan." Just simply effortless yet fashionable! :)

Nice except for the white socks.

Some of these things are wild as hell and blow my mind. There is not a chance in the world I could pull this stuff off. I do have to admit though, there were quite a few things I really liked. I have to agree with John Cruz on this one, definitely not liking the white socks. To each his own I guess. Great post!

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