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July 18, 2011


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Love London and enjoyed your pics. Thanks for posting.

wicked post, the adidas were a great start. i'm only 4 hours away from london but it couldn't be more different

His name is Vintage John!

Bloody brilliant post! It is a subtle difference but I totally agree with you about the girl in the dots...she looks athletic and a bit tough (thumbs up). I usually associate this look with girls who are playing the role of the delicate ingenue.

no one comments anymore

The guy outside Levisson was a customer of mine.

He'd buy a brand new pair of LVC jeans and come back 30mins later with them customized, tapered, and hemmed to that exact length that he's wearing in the pic.

And boy can he talk.

Labour & Wait also carries the fullest selection of spotted cotton handkerchiefs I know of.

what are those low top custy suede awesome shoes?

Thoroughly enjoyable post. Great pictures.

the fella i acquired my barbour from mentioned that he got it at a little shop in london that specialized in old barbours, i have a feeling that this could be the place..

Can anyone identify what shoes that fellow is wearing in the third pic? I dig 'em. Wanna get 'em.
Great post.

dat jerry garcia dude.

They are from Clarks. It's a low desert boot but I'm nit sure of the exact style name. I want them too.

Does anyone know the exact location of Levissons vintage? Going to London next week and would love to stop in

Cheshire Street. I think it's Levison's rather than Levissons...sorry to be a pedant but it might help you locate it.

incredible london shots. wish i was there.

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