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February 17, 2012


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I love Don's style so much, who is he? What does he do?

How I envy you. These guys would make a fine dressed minyan. IY"H I'll show up with a dog on my tie in court.

Doug Bihlmaier - Snr Director of Vintage Buying at RL - or essential Ralphs RRL style guru. The RRL ranch is essentially Dougs handy work alongside a lot of the vintage pieces in RRL. A true legend

I hate "suits", whoever was the first man to say "hey I'm wear this uncomfortable attire to work and church and every other big event" should have been shot in the face stabbed in the nuts with a rusty screwdriver. Don aint truly comfortable in that shit

RR can do anything he wants...BADAZZ!

RayBan サングラスがコンサートや映画の影響でよく知られると同じく、今度はドラマの発端にレイバン モデルはまた話題になっています。そして、ファンたちは主人公が掛けているレイバン RB3183と同じのメガネ手に入るために、ネットで大騒ぎになっています。

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