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February 02, 2012


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what are above the pockets??

This series of pix gave me quite a turn--I didn't make this shirt but I made others like it, including an elaborately decorated one for my then-boyfriend back in 1975. So MUCH love went into that shirt, I wonder where it is now. It never occurred to me someone in Berlin might be wearing it...a happy thought.

That's how I made spare change in high school--I did my own embroidery designs for kids' jeans and shirts, instead of the standard mushroom & "keep on truckin'" patches you used to be able to buy. Too bad we didn't have digitals back then, I might have some pix! Maybe it's time to get back in the business.


Nice. Mine has a hamburger and hot dog in addition to some strawberries.

I want him!
he's all I want for christmas for the next 12 years.

The tiger or the tiger? What happens after 12 years?

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