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April 10, 2012


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That's too tight and too short.

Rob, I typically hate when jackets are too tight or too short. This jacket looked pretty good to me. If it pulled any more, maybe.. but it seems a good fit. Re the length, this is up for discussion. It is def not as short as a Thom Browne or a lot of other makers fellas are wearing these days. If it was a suit, maybe, but if it hits the pocket, I'm not mad.
Let's discuss,

Oooooh. It looks flecked like maybe wool? I'm fascinated.

Well, you were there, and you seem to have a good eye for this stuff, so I'll take your word for it. I like my DB's to be a little drapier, and I also like a lower buttoning point. Like that cloth though.

Actually, if he had buttoned the bottom button which is closer to the "natural waist" instead of the middle it would've elongated his torso, kept his proportions in check and made the outfit a little cleaner overall. I realize there is tons of shit about "oh, always the middle button and never the bottom" but I don't always buy that malarky. This is an unconventional DB coat and the bottom button is so high in this cut that those rules don't apply. Also buttoning the bottom would be a little more "Screw you I don't give a shit about the rules, I invented the rules" sort of message, which I think the outfit conveys anyway.

It gives him the illusion of moobs! I think it looks too small. Love the overall combo of fabrics, though.

Perfectly fitted?
For whom? A gigolo?
At least two sizes two small for a gentleman

Camford, you're being too harsh. Going one size up would allow the bottom button to work. I think with the sizing of this blazer, the buttoning of both buttons would be too constricting. I'm not too crazy about the pocket square though.

I think that "elongating the torso" is sort of against the point of this jacket. It's high waist creates an old fashioned silhouette similar to Military uniforms.
Shorter torso, longer legs with a slightly belled hip. This combined with the zero break to his sleeve cuff is next level in my opinion.
I kinda hope pant waists are on the rise, as I'm tired of showing ass crack.

The jacket length and button stance makes him look pear-shaped. Heavy, stiff DBs just don't work in general, they look constricting. Also, this person looks like they're taking it all too seriously.

L.B.M's are neither heavy nor stiff.

Cracking outfit - marching to the beat of his own drum.

That's my boy, Mr. Jonathan Evans!

John Uptight?

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